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Shared Office Spaces, inspiring collaboration and innovation!

Coworking spaces started as a collaboration hub for people of different backgrounds to come together and do some great work. In a study by Deskmag and Deskwanted, it was observed that after working out of shared office space, over two-thirds of the professionals confirmed to feel more creative and have collaborative work approach. They also added that this improved their work-life balance and productivity.

It is overwhelming to learn that just being at a shared office space makes professionals feel more creative and collaborative. This makes the work environment at a coworking space more positive. Working in a positive environment not only increases productivity but can also help you expand opportunities to do business with coworkers. It is the experience of being within a shared office and collaborative workspace that enables people to reach out, ask questions and network with other members.

Shared Office Spaces, inspiring collaboration and innovation

While there are many examples of how coworkers collaborate, innovate, and work together, we would like to focus on the below four aspects:


Being a part of a coworking space, you are encouraged to connect and collaborate with coworkers. Professionals working at a coworking space have an advantage of learning from others with more or diverse experience. It is indeed an opportunity to get advice and learn a new skill right at “next cubicle”.

For start-ups, it is even more essential to keep learning and adapting newer skills to sustain in the long run. For you to be updated with the latest trends and happenings, most of the coworking hosts organise events and workshops to learn and upskill. Involving in these events and workshops help members to identify the ways of improving the processes, approach, strategy, and productivity. In this way, coworking adds value by bringing in learning through collaboration.

Creativity and Innovation 

Working out of a workspace that boosts positivity and collaboration, can help you become more creative and bring innovation in your work. Also, being surrounded by people from all walks of life can enable you to have diversified thoughts, ideas, and approach at work.

Helping you focus your thoughts during brainstorming and coming up with ideas, coworking spaces have lavish meeting rooms with all modern facilities for you to collaborate and ideate. Therefore, the trends in shared office spaces indicate that professionals working out of such spaces become more creative and collaborative.

Meaningful work and connections

Doing the work you love, enjoy, and appreciate will only keep you sound and happy most of the times. Professionals working out of shared office spaces find meaning to their work as the atmosphere at coworking spaces provide a setting for them to focus, collaborate, and grow. Having built meaningful work relationships with your coworkers will only help you and them achieve professional goals much faster.

Also, working out of place that has fewer policies, more benefits, less competition, and great collaboration can help you bring your real selves to work instead of trying hard to fit-in. The fun and relaxed work culture can help you make more friends than mere workmates. It is these factors that contribute to finding more meaning to your work and meaningful relations at work.

Therefore, with an aura of friendlessness and fun culture, every coworking space feels more like a close-knit community that collaborates and innovates together. If you are looking forward to being part of this community, then GoodWorks is here to host you. GoodWorks provides hot desks, dedicated desks, and personalised private offices in Bangalore. For more info write to [email protected] or call +91-8088707700.


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