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Set Up your Pop-Up Shop in Whitefield, Bangalore!

Are you looking for feedback on a new app you’ve developed or a new product you want to launch? Maybe a new recipe you’ve just cooked up or a new logo you’ve designed? Set up your Pop-up shop for rent at our new coworking center and get the feedback you need from our coworking members!

An opportunity to get an initial round of opinions and suggestions on your next big idea. We have around 150 members at our coworking space, all from varied backgrounds and specialties – marketing, developers, designers, HR and recruitment, admin and legal; a mini-world of your prospective customers. So don’t shy away from showcasing your new product or service, giving a demo of how it works and what it’s useful for and overall just getting feedback and ideas for improvements, before getting it out into the market.

At GoodWorks CoWork, we will provide you a space within our coworking space for a day or week, depending on your requirement to help your business take off and get out into the big business world!

Call us at 8088707700 or email us at [email protected] for more details.


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