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Conduct Workshops & Activities @ GoodWorks CoWork

The GoodWorks CoWork coworking space has an ideal atmosphere for organizing workshops, interactive sessions, group discussions, and coworking space activities. The spacious environment with creative accessories, artifacts, and inspiring posters offers an ambiance that matches the need to encourage new thinking and innovation.

The advantage of GoodWorks CoWork is that we provide all the facilities, services and support needed for a well-organized corporate workshop; you just have to focus on the invitation of the right people, we will organize everything else.


GoodWorks CoWork will provide all the essentials for a smooth workshop:

    1. Ultra-fast internet and wifi throughout the event
    2. Projector screen, whiteboard and marker pens
    3. Notepads, pens and other stationery for participants
    4. Security and maintenance staff for the duration of the event
    5. Audio-visual equipment and technical support ( at additional charges)

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