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10 Proven Tips To Improve Your Network While Coworking

Business refers to the trading of goods and services with and by people. For that, there must be a connection building between them. Working in a co-working space not only provides the employees with a good location but also provides employees the chance to build a network.

What are the tips to improve your network while coworking?

There are many ways like social media platforms for networking, but what better than building contacts from within the office space itself! A startup can trade with another startup and vice-versa. This will build a friendly and professional relationship among them. Entrepreneurs get the chance to promote their products in such an environment. Networking helps a lot in a budding business. Below mentioned are 10 tips to network like a pro in a co-working place.
  • Conduct free workshops
If there are no workshops happening in the co-workspace, an entrepreneur can organize one. It can be a small workshop relating to the same field by inviting the co-working companies. This elevates the brand promotion aspect too.
  • Suggest a work trade
Bartering for products or services are quite common. For example, a content writer may offer blogs to a web developer in return of a revamp of the writer’s website.
  • Strike a conversation
All you need is a warm ‘Hi’ and then maybe a coffee to build camaraderie with the co-worker. Do note that networking is nothing without an engaging conversation. Hence this is a vital tip in order to flourish with your networking capabilities.
  • Have an open door policy
Connections are built when the employees of the startup are open and receptive. Mostly the doors should be open for office neighbors. Try working in a common area if the work does not need a great deal of concentration.
  • Share knowledge
Share knowledge regarding your line of business and your specific industry vertical. Who knows? This might even open up new business opportunities.
  • Share Promotional materials
Invest in business cards and other useful promotional materials such as pens, books, key-chains, etc. This will remind the neighboring offices about your company’s name and ensure favorable brand recall value.
  • Display your passion
Relations are built and curiosity is developed because of passion you display as an entrepreneur. This can emerge as a sole driving force in some cases to generate sales or interest, and attract business enquiries.
  • Share past experiences
Sharing past experiences will give the neighbor offices a sense of attachment. This will help you develop a connection with other co-workers who are a similar stage regarding their business plan, their marketing goals, or their investment-raising efforts.
  • Visit every event hosted by fellow tenants
You can look at the possibility of attending an event hosted by a fellow co-worker. You can also step up to be a guest speaker and give a small speech related to your niche. This not only improves the discoverability of your brand but also the potential of generating business inquiries.

To conclude

Networking is crucial for small businesses mainly startups. Co-working spaces allow entrepreneurs to use these handy tips to connect to office neighbors and enhance the network. Head over to GoodWorks Coworking spaces in Bangalore to get the best out of your day and to network with like-minded people. Find your nearest location here!

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