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GoodWorks CoWork ranked as the No.1 coworking space in Bangalore

We have some awesome news to announce! 

GoodWorks CoWork is the WINNER of the 2018 Member’s Choice Award for Bangalore and  has also been ranked as the No.1 coworking space in Bangalore by

Bangalore is the breeding ground for Startups and MNCs and being able to become the most loved coworking space in the city is a great moment of celebration for us! This is purely a people’s choice award where analyzed member reviews of over 1500+ nominated coworking spaces.

GoodWorks Cowork won the member choice award for Bangalore and by winning this, we have just proven why GoodWorks CoWork is one notch higher when compared to other coworking spaces in the city!

 There were many parameters on which different coworking spaces were being judged such as work ambiance, community, etc and GoodWorks CoWork with its premium work environment and thriving community has just topped the charts making it the most enjoyable coworking space in Bangalore!

best coworking space in bangalore

Are you curious to know what makes GoodWorks CoWork the best of the best? In this blog post, we take you through a tour of how it would be to work out from a beautiful and enthusiastic coworking space as GoodWorks CoWork.

1. Classy work ambiance:

Imagine yourself working 6 days a week at a classy business lounge with comfortable furniture and friendly people! In the age of futuristic workplaces, we try to bring you something that makes you feel right at home.

There is always a sense of wonder which invokes curiosity amongst co-workers who first come here. We try to maintain that air of excitement which helps maintain high spirits even as people work those long shifts.

We try to minimize that cold sterile feeling that one might usually associate with offices. We think of our office as a tranquil corner in a busy city where like-minded people get together and work in harmony.  

The GoodWorks CoWork Business lounge is a 12000 sq foot beautifully designed workspace tailored to cater to both millennial and MNC work culture. From open desks to meeting rooms and private cabins, every detail is intricately designed to ensure your highest comfort and privacy. 

Take a look for yourself…

Best coworking space in Whitefield




2. Good and Positive Vibes:

Apart from the friendly smiles that greet you at GoodWorks CoWork, the minute you walk inside, your mood will instantly brighten up with the warm yellow walls that you will see. As per color psychology, yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, and intellect and we wanted to ensure that you feed on this positive energy throughout when you work at GoodWorks CoWork.

Also, we have some fun and motivational graffiti art spread across the office to help you draw inspiration and stay focused. So let the murals and metaphors take you to your place of tranquility where you can work without a care in the world. 

3. Vibrant Community:

People can make all the difference to a place and the same goes with GoodWorks CoWork. With entrepreneurs and professionals coming from diverse backgrounds, there is a lot of learning and networking opportunities for you when you work out of GoodWorks CoWork.

We also have some offbeat events happening every month such as Photography workshops, Technology and Management workshops, Design Thinking meet-ups and much more.

Meet and Greet events are a recurring sight on Thursdays to help all the members of GoodWorks CoWork know each other better.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the fun stuff?

GoodWorks CoWork is always bustling with laughter and is filled with lots of fun people. At GoodWorks CoWork we literally like to throw our weight around. The arm wrestling and push-up competitions are a tradition here and are also a favorite among our community. Like they always say there is no better way to unwind after a hard day’s work than to do 50 pushups and arm wrestle the office strongman or woman. 

Take a look at this video to get a sense of the energy and team spirit that brews every day at GoodWorks CoWork

coworking life


Now that you know what makes GoodWorks CoWork the most loved place for the people of Bangalore, it is your turn to drop by for a quick tour of this beautiful office space.

Build your dream company here at GoodWorks CoWork

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