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Dress Code Or No Dress Code for Coworking Offices?

Coworking spaces have been leading a new trend in the office work culture for quite some time now. While some of the people join a coworking space to take advantage of the collaboration and networking opportunities, others might sign up with the idea of keeping their overhead costs in check. One objective for everybody is common though- they want to get their work done!

People regular at coworking spaces view their offices as the primary place to conduct their business. These spaces may be different from the traditional office environments in a lot of ways, but they are still business areas used by professionals to earn through their businesses.

There are a lot of unique methods to impress the visitors at the office, like a very sophisticated sign-in system or a great new office design. However, there is another factor integral in making a great impression in front of any visitor at your office or company.
This factor needs to get implemented with a little more skill, it is how your workers dress up for work.


The first impression begins right from the receptionist, the first point of contact of an outside visitor in the company. But this is just the start. How the staff gets dressed also demonstrates a lot about the culture adopted by the company. A lot of coworking space managers are tentative about the aspect of establishing and enforcing a dress code on their office premises.

Setting up certain expectations with your employees as to how they should dress requires a balance in the impression they will make on visitors and their ability to work productively and happily in the office environment.

Apart from all this, if you have come across being observant to the fact that the dressing manner of your employees is not in line with the values you want to show to the visitors, think of it as a high time to go for some improvements.

Dressing up for the Brand

One will never come to know what impact office dress code could have in boosting the company’s brand image. However, if you have been unable to put in time and effort in developing a brand identity yet, the shortest way to do that is to note down a few words which you will want the people to acknowledge your company with.

Innovative, expert, friendly, relatable, minimalist, traditional and eco-friendly are some examples of such words.

The words you decide should be able to clearly explain your business approach, right from the product design to office décor, and even the dress code too.

  • If you have an opinion that your company exhibits the properties of being creative and modern, you can encourage your employees to get dressed with substance and style.
  • Nature- friendly companies should never have expensive attires on their list of priorities and should look to go ahead with neutral and sustainable looks.
  • A company wishing to be friendly and relatable may look to get their employees dressed comfortably so that they could look ahead and project a chilled out vibe when they interact with the visitors.

Implementing a brand-oriented dress code is not as simple like choosing between business formals or business casuals. You will be amazed to know that the most effective dress codes might not be the ones to be found in company manuals.

A Silent Dress Code

There are many coworking companies without a dress code at all. A large number of such companies only have dress codes to focus on comfort & ease while working.
Effectively, offices tend to have an unspoken understanding as to how an employee of the company is supposed to dress up. Employees will be taking their dressing cues from people at higher management. As the culture of a company gradually develops, it paves the way for a style needed to follow during the office hours.

While many employees prefer to get told about the dress code as to what is required, there are those perceptive employees who figure out the dress code on their own, without even the need of a formal policy.

This is why it sounds logical that the leaders of a company lead by example through their style, and ensure that each employee is entirely familiar with the brand values in the organization.

The brand emphasis, accountability and a thoughtful cultural consistency by the top leadership go further in helping your employees understand how to get dressed for work.

Having a Generic Policy Helps

Many companies tend to get away without having an official dress code; having a law in writing does have a few benefits. A written policy may prove to be useful in the case of an employee who consistently dresses inappropriately at work. Having a documented record leaves very little room for any misinterpretation and is also perfect from the legal angle.

A dress code in the company manual can also ensure avoiding any confusion and that nothing gets forcefully enforced.
A simple policy which mentions about how the employees of a company should come to work is reflective of the fact that your company values help clarify the brand image you are looking to present.

Dress code or No Dress code, Coworking offices certainly have a higher degree of flexibility and a much cooler work culture.

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