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5 tips on personal branding

Personal branding is the way people market themselves as well as their careers, as a brand. The mantra of personal branding came in to existence after it is highly proclaimed that success comes when you promote yourself as a brand rather than as an individual. Gone are those times when branding was solely associated with products and companies.


A person can become a brand to stand apart from the crowd. This unique characteristic will attract people to your product, services and even just you. Personal branding is not only for entrepreneurs but for everyone in the market. Building a brand around yourself will help you landing with the kind of jobs you are cut out for and timely promotions.

When you start creating a personal brand, keep these things in mind:

  • Imagine yourself as a brand

Personal branding is all about what you want people to associate you with. Do you want yourself to be considered as an expert in something specific or is there anything in general that makes you unique? Depending on the answers to these questions, you can start building a strategy.

  • Do not go with the crowd

Do not make yourself a part of a herd. Be yourself, create your own unique style to draw clients and jobs. Trying to imitate what others are doing is not the branding that one wants to see. Start your digital platform or start a blog. Share your knowledge and opinions. Get a web site for yourself which can be simple. Create it with your name and have a logo that makes an impression. The site may have your CV, links to your social media accounts and a brief about the person you are. Turn it into a platform where people can interact with you.

  • Search your name on the internet

Searching your name in the Google search engine gives you a fair idea of where you stand in the online world. If your name sounds too common, then consider alternatives like middle name or initial of the middle name, etc. People are constantly searching for one another, be it your next door neighbour or your office buddy. Make sure you have a strong online identity.

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Chart out clearly what your plus points are. What makes your career and what keeps you going? What is the one thing that others appreciate in you? If you are not able to figure it out, ask your friends and colleagues. Pick up the one thing that you are best at and put all your energy in that.

  • Be honest

Honesty helps in building trust and credibility. An audience which believes in you will follow you and like you. Show your concern and care at appropriate situations. When you care for something, it shows. Care about things that you focus on and stay away from others. Be consistent with what you brand yourself as. It is not just a brand or logo, it is you.

With these tips you can be assured of creating a personal branding that inspires and motivates others associated with you.


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