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5 Desk Exercises That You Can Do Right Now

Nowadays, most of the people are engrossed in their work to such an extent that they barely get time to work out and stay active. Well, the worst aspect of the whole scene tends to be the fact that you are aware of this and yet can do nothing about; or can you?

Now if you are among those millions of people that spend hundreds of hours in the year sitting on your desk, checking emails, mailing quotations, working with balance sheets, coding and stuff; then you need to make some drastic changes. Sitting idle for such a long time at a stretch can cause severe issues like back pain, muscle atrophy and contribute to the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


Well, it’s time to stretch and these easy to perform desk exercises are just the thing you need.

  • Side Bend-over:

    To perform this stretch, all that you have to do is get up from that chair, raise your hands towards the ceiling and in that position stretch and bend sideways. Repeat each rep for ten times in three sets. Ensure that you perform the exercise at a medium pace

  • Neck Rotations

    Sitting in the same posture for hours can cause the neck to get stiff. In this case, you can avoid the problem by taking intervals and performing simple neck exercise. Rotate the collar on your axis counter-clockwise and clockwise. Do this repetition ten times and then perform the same while looking upwards and downwards. This will ensure that your neck does not become stiff easily.

  • Work those deltoids

    The constant posture can also hurt your deltoids. To get rid of the stiffness, you need to clutch both the deltoids using the respective hands on each side and rotate the shoulder in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. It is an easy exercise and helps to relieve pain from the shoulder area.

  • Squats on the go

    Squats are compound exercises and help to activate the muscles throughout the body. In case you are feeling stiff in multiple places across the body, then performing squats can help a lot. You can make the use of your chair as the squat rack and hold on to it for support. Try to perform about 75 squats in sets of three. This should be enough to relieve you of the stiffness and muscle knots.

  • Hug your knees

    This is a very easy exercise to perform. All that you need to do is bring your knees as close to the chest as possible and clutch them together using your hands. This will almost resemble a baby’s posture when in the womb. This exercise will help to preserve the natural arch of the spine and relieve stress from the back muscles and the leg. You need to hold the position for about 30 seconds and then repeat. Continue the exercise for about three minutes and you will feel refreshed.

Within a limited time, the exercises mentioned above are beneficial. They are very easy to perform and take a small amount of time.



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