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5 Simple Yet Effective Ideas to Motivate Your Team

Teams are the way that most companies get their work done. When you rightly unite a combination of energy, skills, and knowledge of a motivated group of people, then you and your team together can accomplish anything that you aspire to.

With greater reason, a leader’s job is to do a lot more than just order from one corner of the office. In today’s era, leaders are expected to work hand-in-hand with their team-mates, understanding and refining each one’s unique strengths and expertise, and finally, have a strategy in place to inspire everyone from time to time.

Try these 6 effective ways to keep the members of your team motivated on the job.

motivate your team

1) Transparency is the key to a positive environment

Be candid about how your team’s effort plays an important role in achieving a crucial business objective and acknowledge each one’s effort for the value that they bring. Let them know how their efforts would impact the long-term health of the team.  Avoid creating a situation where they see you sweat too much.

Be more transparent. Share performance reports more often and more instantly.

2) Foster the practice of collaborative work

Even the best collaborators need a platform to showcase what they can bring to the table to strengthen the team. As a leader, it is important for you to know your team beyond their current work and past achievements. The reason why most employees refrain from contributing their ideas is that they don’t feel their inputs are considered or appreciated.

Encourage your team members to participate by welcoming their inputs on how to do things better. Counter-question them hunt for solutions, and whenever possible, implement them.

3) Offer self-developmental opportunities

Your team members will be more valuable to your business when they’re given new opportunities to develop their skills. Offer your team with the training that they need to progress in their careers and to get updated about the latest technologies and industry developments.

4) Guide your team members toward a common vision

It is challenging to lead if those who follow you are not excited about where you’re taking them.

Do you have a clear, persuasive vision that your team is enthusiastic about?

Can see themselves striving toward, and that strengthens their skills and knowledge?

Do they have a contribution to the vision?

If not, you’re clearly running closer to the risk of demotivation, isolation, and detachment. As a leader, it’s your duty to work collaboratively with your team members to set clear objectives.


5) Take the ownership and be motivated yourself

As a leader, if you are motivated, your actions will positively reflect on your team members and they will pick up on the same energy. When your team observes your energy and motivation, they’re likely to follow the same suit.

So what if you’ve lost a big deal? Take the ownership of it, and let your team know that if there’s anyone to be blamed – it is you, first and most. Your team needs to know why and how we win the deals today, and not just why we lose a few.  Stand-up for your team and your company, but don’t lose track or be passive-aggressive.

Don’t let your team slide into a rut. Utilize these ideas to keep your team members inspired, connected, united, and engaged. Make sure they’re challenged each day and feel appreciated in exchange.

If you keep your employees happy, you win at everything!



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