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Great Skype Alternatives to Ease Frustration of Remote Workforce

Once a leader in telecommunications apps, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps, the legacy of Skype has been hampered with multiple crashes. A lot of times, poor connection quality was a reason too. As a
result, Skype users were often left frustrated without streamlined virtual connections, cutting away from efficient communication.

To address its shortcomings, Skype had a total makeover. Despite that, Skype still is a subject of distrust for many of its users.

The VoIP services market is expected to grow to about $190 million by the year 2024. Thanks to the businesses operating remotely & globally to communicate with internal teams, partners, clients, etc.

The Need of VoIP

With developing technology, the need for VoIP has only increased with time.

VoIP helps to-
-Connect to the other mobile VoIP users across the globe, including your employees, your boss, or even your friends and family.
-Save money or reduce expenses incurred on international calls. Also, this can dramatically help you cut down the startup costs because you do not need expensive internal lines put up. All you require is an excellent wireless connection to start communicating.
-Save a lot of time and be anywhere you need to be. The only thing required is a good signal. Being on the move or nested in a great coworking space are always better alternatives when compared to getting stuck in a boring office.
Increase productivity because you will never again miss a call. There is no point to worry about spending a lot of time to travel for meetings, as all your messages will be available for you at a single place. VoIP also permits co-workers to efficiently collaborate, with an out of the blue emoji to bring in that fun factor as well.
-Improving the business by retention of clients through positive communication with simple call-forwarding options.
-Stay adaptable with the growth of your business. VoIP offers a lot of scalabilities and is very efficient.

With developing technology, the need for VoIP has only increased with time.

Factors to consider when Looking for a VoIP System

When looking around to get a sound VoIP system, you should shop for an arrangement with the ability to look after all your needs. A good number of features and natural user interfaces are massive points you need to keep in mind. There are some essential factors you can look after for a VoIP system-


Through this feature, you receive the ability to manage your contacts and facilitate on the go conversations. For the sole owners and managers of their business, you can be sure never to miss a single call from your clients even if you are not available at your coworking office.


For conference calls, you always have the option of choosing between the audio and video call options, based on your preference for a specific day. This feature is a massive bonus for people in workflow teams having access to meeting rooms in coworking spaces. Ensure that you are aware of the maximum number of contacts software can support and the options included, like screen sharing and file sharing.


We are fully aware of our preferences when it comes to communication. This is why it is crucial to use a VoIP capable enough of a unified interface so that there is no need to log in to different platforms or even switch devices if need be. With this feature, you can make a phone call, make a video call, and send out text messages, making it very convenient to reach people and vice versa. For your clients, you can be very easy to get in touch.


Protection of your data has a lot of importance if you deal with confidential client issues. Select a VoIP system which offers a lot of security like password protection, two-factor authentication, and even SSL encryption if possible.

Alternative VoIP Apps

With constant grievances against Skype from the people, the time is right to check out these great alternatives. They will not allow you to fidget uneasily and always lead you to concentrate better at work, be it anywhere on the globe, or at your cozy coworking office space.


Since its inception, Google Hangouts has been a direct rival to Skype, with people also finding it a better alternative to Skype. Texting, calling, and video chatting are the main offerings of Google Hangouts. The interface of this app is built on social media networks, ensuring a lot of data security and budget-friendly price packages. The app offers a lot of flexibility too and easily gets integrated with different business apps like Sprint, Zendesk, Freshservice, Slack among some of them.

This is the communication tool we use for our internal communication at GoodWorkLabs & GoodWorks Cowork 🙂


This app is said to be the best alternative app to Skype. Ring Central is entirely cloud hosted and serves as a great communication hub for video-conferences, calls, faxes, and live chats as well. The app is pretty sophisticated and is a superb VoIP for all kinds of businesses.
It has a straightforward setup process and has a vast number of calling features, all included in different price plans. You need to be a little aware when choosing a plan because a few methods lack some pretty essential features.


Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger is the leading mobile application in a significant chunk of total countries around the globe. With this tool, you can chat, text, send attachments, share videos, and photos or even create a group of like-minded people for sharing information.
It may not be the most stylish of applications, but it is pretty well- suited for any desktop or mobile device. The best features of WhatsApp are that it is free to use, offers end-to-end encryption, and does not need an account setup. You can register yourself with just your phone number. The only disadvantage with WhatsApp is that the other users, too, should have WhatsApp if you are to communicate with them through the app.

Today, there are numerous Skype competitors to evaluate a teleconferencing business call from your coworking venue and other workplaces. Try out from the varieties of VoIP options & decide what best suits your need.

At GoodWorks Cowork, we understand the basic essentials and have made the best in class arrangements to ease out the challenges for our coworking team, for eg. we provide uninterrupted internet connection at a lightning speed to enable the VoIP of your choice. Our idea is to eradicate the hassle of remote communication and to make coworking as hassle-free as it’s meant to be.


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