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8 things to consider while choosing a co-working space

A coworking space is in high demand nowadays. Truly, a coworking space is an enticing deal with the pros of an actual office and without the cons of a conventional workspace’s costs. However, no matter how appealing the advantages of shared workspace sounds, sometimes people face troubles while trying to make this enticing venture work.

So, here are the 10 top things you must check before choosing a coworking space.


1. Pricing:

For an entrepreneur or a freelancer, the cost of a place should be the first thing to check for. Find a place that suits your budget. Many coworking spaces have daily and even monthly passes that are priced at affordable rates. When you are starting out, budgets can be a constraint. Coworking spaces address this need with affordable prices and provide a slew of value-addition services for the price paid.

At GoodWorks CoWork, we have flexible monthly plans to help cater to the needs of freelancers and budding entrepreneurs.

2. Location:

After the cost of rent, the next obstacle is the location. For many, the rush hour commutes are the biggest motivation for opting coworking spaces. However, if you are a team player then your team and client communication play a part as well. When looking for a shared office space, look for something that is within a 5-kilometer radius from your house.

GoodWorks CoWork is situated in Whitefield, the IT hub of Bangalore. If you are a tech company and are looking to build your network in the IT field, then GoodWorks CoWork provides you the perfect location and environment.

3. Amenities:

One of the most striking and important features of any coworking space is the amenities it provides. Most of the shared workplaces are provided with high-end amenities similar to that of corporate offices. From high-speed internet to conference rooms, recreational courts, all are included in modern shared places. So choose according to your preferences.

At GoodWorks CoWork, we provide the best-in-class amenities. Customers have access to unlimited beverages, lightning speed internet, mailbox services, events and workshops, and much more.

4.Working hours:

Now, this might create some conflicts. There are some co-working spaces open 24/7 while others have regular office slots. If you are a freelancer opting for flexible working hours then it’s better to check the hours and accessibility of the building.

5. Security:

For any place be it residence or office, security plays a pivotal role. Shared workspaces have centralized security systems and have a thorough policy of monitoring the different people who enter the space.

6. Internet facility:

Before opting for any coworking space it’s better to check the internet speed, bandwidth and the security settings provided. Most shared spaces have password protected Wi-Fi, but you can add IP VPN layer for added layers. The best way to test this is by taking a one-day trial and check the pace at which you work. Low internet speeds can lead to low productivity. At GoodWorks CoWork, we boast of a lightning speed internet and welcome customers for a one-day test run to work from our coworking place.

7. Community:

The greatest advantage of coworking environment is its peers. Getting along with your peers can make your time memorable. So find a place where you can make pals and also unlock potential business opportunities.

8. Culture: Every shared office space has its own vibrancy. It can be either tech savvy, a think-tank, or the vibe might be of creativity. Choose a space which mirrors your vision for optimum performance.

Thus, a coworking space gives you all the flexibility and scalability you need for your business. Coworking is here to stay and is slowly changing the way companies work. This may be the best culture you may want to inculcate in your startup.


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