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How can virtual office spaces benefit you?

Living in a world dominated by technology, the team ‘virtual’ has become a buzz word. From virtual meetings to virtual sports, virtual learning to virtual tours, everything is now available through the use of gadgets. One-click and you time travel to a different place! In the wake of this evolving trend, there has been a great shift in the way offices and businesses function. ‘Virtual office spaces’ is one such product born to disrupt the real-estate sector through technology.

Benefits of Virtual Office Spaces

Today, we see multiple start-ups and entrepreneur venturing into something new. With this, the demand for office space is exponentially increasing. They mainly look for workspaces that are comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. Being young, they usually dream of having a stress-free work environment that gives them the freedom to work at flexible timing and place. Hence most of these prefer virtual workspaces as their solution. It is being noticed that many individuals are embracing this new disruption.

Helping you make an informed decision, let us look at some of the key benefits of a virtual workspace:

Saving money and time!

Companies invest a lot in having a workspace and equipment, and a lot more in the facility management team to handle them. Switching to virtual office space reduces all that overhead cost.

People usually tend to spend two to three hours getting ready for work and travelling to the office. This can now be avoided, as virtual workspaces enable you to work remotely without having any physical office. That saves a lot of your commute time, thereby increasing your productivity with a lower turn around rate.

Professional Make-over!

The services offered by virtual office spaces help you groom your business by making it look more serious, professional, and scalable. Here are some of the services that you are bound to get when signing up for a virtual workspace set-up:

  • A corporate mailing address: You may not have a physical workspace, but that doesn’t mean the address column in your communication collaterals go empty. To add the credibility to your business, virtual office spaces provide you with a commercial mailing address. This builds in trust factor amongst your clients and stakeholders
  • A dedicated phone number and a professional receptionist: Having a local number can help you acquire local clients and customer easily. Also, having a professional receptionist speaks a lot about your business and its operations. A business number with a professional to answer the calls can add up to the trustworthiness of your brand or company
  • A plush meeting room: Available on booking, the meeting rooms add a whole new professional approach to all your business meetings, team discussions, and hiring. It is ideal to always check on this facility for it can uplift the brand image amongst your stakeholders

Access to larger talent pool!

You are working remotely, and so are your employees. Therefore, when working from anywhere and any-time you have no restrictions in hiring talent from a particular region. They do not have to come to the office and you can coordinate through respective networking applications. A virtual office allows you to onboard the best talent regardless of where they are located, thereby giving you a much larger talent pool to choose from.

So, are you an emerging business with no registered enterprise address or facilities? Not any more! GoodWorks Virtual Office Space offers a complete solution to set up your virtual office in Bangalore, India. We help you with mailboxes, managing communications, voicemail, and an official business address. A perfect set of arrangements that will make you look more professional and competent. For more info write to [email protected] or call +91-8088707700.



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