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Forecast 2021: Coworking and Managed offices 

Coworking and managed office trends that will rule in 2021

Coworking spaces have successfully disrupted the way businesses and companies work by providing a workspace that is more flexible, collaborative, and engaging. Since its inception, the coworking industry has welcomed new trends year-on-year. In the year 2020, the COVID-19 effect did slow down the growth of coworking spaces in the initial few months, but their innovations and trends have made it possible for them to outgrow yet again. It is the effect of COVID-19 that has accelerated many flexible developments in the workplace, which are now growing worldwide.

Many businesses have accepted the norm of flexible offices, thereby playing a decisive role in the eventual return to work or the new standard working situation, with a stronger focus on fitness, health hygiene, and a positive work-life balance of their employees. With companies accepting the new remote and flexible working norms, the coworking industry is all set to flourish in the years to come.

As a consequence of COVID-19, here are some of the major trends in the coworking industry that are expected to make their way in 2021:

Flexible Workspaces

Post-COVID wave has signified the importance of having a flexible workspace. Many companies have started working in shifts to enable the correct proportion of workers. Both startups and large corporates have recognised the value of modern workspaces allowing accessibility and flexibility access. Coworking spaces offer highly versatile working spaces that can quickly be modified or downsized by businesses. Cowork spaces come with a plug-and-play feature that allows participants to work at their own pace.

Spacious and Open Workspaces

The effect of the pandemic has had an impact on the design philosophy of many coworking brands. Coworking brands have started to enable more spacious and open workspace designs and architecture to maintain a safe distance and provide a healthy work environment. Many coworking spaces will now have desks placed far apart, with open-air architecture to enable a safe workspace environment.

Wellness Offerings 

Coworking space providers will prioritise wellness offerings to address the need for a safe and healthy work environment. Many leading coworking brands have already started to meet this demand by creating a mark focused on the overall work-life balance and wellness of professionals, and this will be the key differentiator in the coming year.

Tier-2 Cities

With many companies allowing their employees to work remotely, the demand for a professional workspace in tire-2 & 3 cities is rising rapidly. With limited options available in these markets currently, it is an opportunity for key players to focus on these cities and grow. With a lot of services to offer, coworking spaces will see great acceptance in these areas.


As the working culture has now truly become digital, people have the liberty to work as they travel. This can help leading coworking players with a presence in multiple locations provide all-round access to their premium customers to work from any of their centres in the city/country/world. With this wide value-add, many coworking spaces can increase and fill-up their workspace demand.

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