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What is Dark Technology?

Dark technology is a concept that deals with the bad aspects of technological advancements. The advancements in digital media, automation, robotics, and innovation are the most controversial parts of technology. Controversial because they all present good as well as bad sides.


Technological innovations have presented some threatening conditions in the lives of humans.

Digital security seems at stake all the time

Almost every personal detail of yours is revolving in the digital world. Unfortunately, hackers constantly try to breach and find those informational pieces. They use IP addresses to hack in and steal personal details. A person can log into his or her ISP, which gives an IP address to the digital world. This is a trace of your daily internet usage that a smart hacker can get easily. Similarly, a hacker can leverage a hard copy that you have discarded. Any MS Word file or Excel file can give out certain Meta Data. All these traces are useful for hackers to steal personal as well as business information.

The quality of security is decided by how much leakage of data you can stop. The leakage of IP addresses, passwords, User IDs, Telephone extensions, and other components require top-notch security constantly in order to fight the hacking threats.

Cyber-bullying is turning people into ruthless creatures

Look at teenagers or adults, online platforms give them a voice without a face. They don’t have to think about their social responsibilities before commenting on other people. Social media platforms don’t allow people to see the expressions on other people’s faces. So, they get disconnected and bring out their worst side possible. The cases of cyber-bullying are on the rise consistently.

Apart from that, the social media platforms provide easy access to someone’s life. Private pictures, texts and information stay accessible to anyone who can desire to harm you. All these threats have become the harsh reality of the social media.

The rate of obesity is increasing regularly

Gone are those golden days when teenagers used to go out to meet their friends. Now, they use chats and online interactions at home. This has become an addition to the video-game addiction. In fact, kids now play video games with their friends without even having that friend physically available. So, everyone can sit at home and meet others virtually.

This scenario has given dangerous health issues to society worldwide. Kids avoid physical activities, which is increasing the obesity rate. This threat presents a really bad picture of the coming future.

Emotional attachment and feelings are getting lost

The thoughts have become so cluttered nowadays that people don’t feel anything. This condition is called being socially introvert. Long periods of internet surfing and social media interactions create this condition in people. Such people tend to avoid actual networking. They communicate less and avid expressing their true emotions. Pretending to be happy is the new trend in market. The growth of social media interactions has created a race towards showcasing yourself like a celebrity.

In conclusion, you should hope that the bright side of technology overpowers the dark side.



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