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Things To Know Before Booking Up A Virtual Office Space


Owing to the lethal pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, the concept of virtual office has gained massive momentum. However, one needs to know about the various aspects of virtual office space to make a concrete decision. Here, it is vital to note that all businesses cannot run on a virtual office setup. If your business doesn’t operate seamlessly online, then you will face difficult challenges.

The advantages and disadvantages of virtual office space

There are multiple pros and cons associated with virtual office spaces. You must take a look at them in order to ensure that you take the correct decision.

  • Reduction in the overhead costs

It is true that with virtual offices, you can reduce the overhead costs to a great extent. You can then use the money saved to further your business. With brick and mortar setup, you have to invest in furniture, hardware, etc. Moreover, you also have to pay much more in rent in case of traditional offices. It is a perfect option for businesses wanting to expand globally.

  • Increase in flexibility for employees

Virtual office space gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere anytime you want. You don’t have to necessarily adhere to the timing schedules if you have already talked with your higher authorities. With a significant amount of control in deciding when you work, it leads to satisfaction and happiness. This, in turn, causes an increase in work productivity and overall benefit for the business.

  • Hiring employees globally

Recruiting global talent is another massive benefit that you can gain from virtual office spaces. Business organizations can now hire employees from across the world and dip into the global talent pool. That means companies are no longer limited to hiring regional employees. That will greatly aid in bridging the skill gap in the organization.

  • Saving commute time

Did you know that you lose almost 2-3 hours getting ready and traveling to and fro from work? With virtual office space, you can save this commute time. Instead, you can use the time to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently. Then, you can enjoy your free time as per your leisure. Also, you can avoid the tiredness that occurs due to extensive traveling.

  • Feelings of isolation

While it is true that remote working is productive, soon it can lead to feelings of isolation. Employees tend to feel isolated while working alone. Here, it is imperative to understand that human beings are social creatures, and thus working alone for extended periods of time can cause issues. This will ultimately have an impact on work productivity, and as a result, the company will suffer.

  • Lack of company culture

With a virtual office, it is next to impossible to create a company culture. The remote employees have zero chances of coming face-to-face, and thus attempting to create bonds is impractical.  A good company culture benefits employees as well as business organizations greatly.


The above-mentioned pros and cons of virtual office space explain the various aspects with ease. Now, you need to consider your business requirements and see if it fits with this concept. If your business runs online with ease, then opting for virtual office space is a great idea. However, you must also choose the best virtual office space provider for maximum work efficiency.  For that, you can choose the best virtual office space in BangaloreGoodWorks CoWork. The environment, amenities and all the facilities of GoodWorks will make your business perform exceptionally well from a virtual location. Contact the GoodWorks team here!


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