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The Journey from a Wannapreneur to an Entrepreneur

“Being an Entrepreneur” is probably the current trend that everyone is chasing. Ask anyone, right from a college undergraduate to a professional, each one aspires to create a “Start-Up.”

As much as it sounds exciting and empowering, being an Entrepreneur comes along with its own challenges! Last year, we saw so many Start-ups shut down. Some of them had a promising idea, while some of them were also financially healthy, yet, they went out of business!

In this blog, we are going to help you find out if you are READY to become an ENTREPRENEUR


  • Own your Idea

You might have had your ‘eureka’ moment over a round of beers with friends or probably while you were traveling to the other side of the world. But don’t just stop with that – get down and do your research! Look at data, understand customer insights, take surveys and talk to people!

Most people think that a successful business is one which creates something ‘innovative’. Hell no! Try to satisfy a recurring need and that is it, you have already created a market for your service or product.

  • Commit to your business plan

Being an Entrepreneur is a full-time job! If you think you can manage a day job and work late nights over your business idea, then it is probably time to make a choice!

Entrepreneurship is like a life-long relationship that requires constant nurturing, commitment and dedication. Don’t leave your dream half-baked. Take the leap of entrepreneurship only when you are ready for it.


  • Embrace your failures

Just like how life is not a bed full of roses, entrepreneurship is also not a one-way ticket to success. You make silly mistakes, you make wrong judgements about people, sometimes you also end up losing money.. and worst of all, you can get demotivated through all of this! But don’t give up!

No one told you this was going to be easy right? Your mistakes are your greatest teacher.

So, every time you fall, buckle up and tell yourself “Congratulations, You Failed!

  • Always have a Plan-B

It is great to be confident about your plans, but it is always prudent to have a plan-B! Unfortunately, the universe is not always on our side painting the perfect picture that we dream in our head. So, if you hit a brick wall at some point, immediately have a plan-B rolled up your sleeves.

You need to be a Smart-preneur to stay ahead of competition 🙂

  • Be a Doer and not just a Dreamer

Life would have been so simple if our dreams came true as we relaxed on a beach. And it would just be fantastic if our bank account grew based on our big dreams!

Unfortunately, science and technology have not reached this level of innovation yet and you are still expected to sweat it out (not literally) to reach for your dreams.

So, if you are an Entrepreneur who just dreams, its time to wake up to a hot cup of coffee (or beer) whichever you prefer, and start chalking out a plan to get things DONE.

Such is the life of an Entrepreneur! We hope that after reading this blog, you were able to connect to your entrepreneurial soul. Let us know what you think in the comments section below 🙂


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