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Staff Augmentation Vs. Outsourcing: Outlining the Differences and the Best Option

Be it a small scale organization or large organization, few things are always common, i.e., setting the performance target and delivering the work on time. Certainly, this is the primary step of running an organization or business.

While setting up a target may not take a great deal of time, but reaching that point is what that takes a remarkable contribution of time and resources. In such instances, outsourcing or staff augmentation might bring you the expected result.

As a matter of fact, both staff augmentation and outsourcing are a brilliant and effective solution in terms of cost for IT managers. In fact, this helps to achieve the targeted performance and meeting the different phases of deadlines in an efficient way. Besides, both the term outsourcing and staff augmentation are quite similar in a few ways. However, both have their unique differences, that is beyond the perimeter of ignorance. Thus, the company manager should have to consider before deciding which one to choose for the organization.

In order to choose between the above-mentioned options, it is essential to consider the needs of your company prior to selection. Therefore, here are some notable key elements that will help you understand and choose wisely for the best interest of your business.

For the sake of better understanding, let’s start with:

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a process which allows you to add an extra effort in your team, that usually implies employing one person with added expert knowledge in the line of work.  The need for that extra hand can come up at any stage of development. That means it gives you an opportunity to boost your project anytime you think you need specialized knowledge in the specific field.

There are different types of companies, based on their best judgment, augment staff at any stage of time. For instance, some companies may prefer to bring extra knowledge at the beginning of the project. Or some may call it at the last stage of development, to review before release. So, in case of any flaws, they get the proper time to make the necessary improvements within the time frame.  

What is Outsourcing?

On the contrary, outsourcing is the process of hiring a complete team of workers. The team of workers usually provided by the outside business entity. They provide the workforce, for a specific period of time, or for a specific project. The firms engaged in providing outsourcing service, are professionally managed committed to helping your business to meet the specifically targeted goal. Also, before both the parties, the receiving company and the outsourcer initiating the work, should establish a contract.

Staff Augmentation – Company’s Flexibility

In this process, IT managers of the company who are associated with the process or development can easily talk to the augmented staff. So, it will be easy for the managers to discuss the project progress. Further, the continuing task can anytime be reassigned in the process of development with the prior consent of the worker.

In addition, with this process of adding one extra power to your team, you can have the privilege of carrying on another project as well. While the worker completes the process in the least possible time. You don’t have to stick at that point during the project.

If the management team of your company has a smart and effective communicator and you need a flexible worker for your company to work for you. But the worker should have the ability to work under pressure and changing the environment. Also, should be able to adapt quickly and understand the responsibility as quickly as possible. Hence, staff augmentation is an effective way to get started.

Outsourcing – No Additional Managerial Duties

There are companies, who need to choose this option, the companies which do not have an expert IT supervisor who can handle additional employees. Clearly, outsourcing is the best option for such companies. The team of workers will be provided by the outsourcing firm and the team will abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.

The outsourcer will also be responsible for training the team and guiding them, making them understand their duties and responsibilities. Again reviewing the team and their performance for improvement in the work.

Outsource workers are experts and hence they create a relaxing environment, without any stress your in-house employees can adapt to the new process. Assigning the complete task/project to the contract outsource workers will give your company much time to pass the tradition mode more seamlessly. That is also important for your company that during this period of transformation, the company’s in-house employees should learn all the processes, technologies and also the management approach that they should follow.

Besides all these benefits of using an outsourcing firm, they can also help your business to work at scale. According to the requirement, it is possible that you might need to add an additional member in your team or release one of the development process required.  

Combination of Both the Process: Hybrid Approach

There are instances when you might need to think beyond the possibilities. Sometimes even after trying both the processes, outsourcing and staff augmentation, you may fail to reach the targeted goal. In such cases, introducing the combination of both outsourcing and staff augmentation can bring the desired result. Combining both the process brings in the hybrid approach. That gives you an option to choose the plan of action according to the need of the situation.

For instance, it will allow you to work interchangeably with both outsourced team and the augmented staff at the different levels of the development process. Starting from the initial stage of development to the completion of the project.

Even though the process is important to meet the specific project requirement. However, that doesn’t degrade the value of in-house employees. They have their duties and responsibilities. Setting up a short time frame to meet the targeted goal is the common thing. Hence, the need for extra hands is always there. Thus, no matter what you choose, be it the outsourcing process, or augmented process or even the hybrid approach, one thing is sure that your company and the employees are going to be benefitted with this.

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