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Hire From The Talent Pool In India

Talent is not limited to a few silicon valleys or developed countries. Talent is an integral part of nature and is found everywhere. Many software talents are in Bangalore due to SEZs, educational institutions and the booming economy.

So, why is your software company just limited to resources in your country where employment costs are quite high? To channel an unmissable line from the president, “It would not be great” if you had access to talented engineers and designers in Bangalore, India?



India Office Setup

For years, the largest US software companies have built offices in Bangalore and their teams of hundreds of highly talented IT technicians produce quality products day after day. Some of these companies include Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, Cisco, MobileIron, Qualcomm, Intuit, Adobe, Citrix, Dell, and HP to name a few. 

A common aspect of these companies is that they are very large, with teams in Bangalore made up of qualified IT professionals.

Let’s evaluate what a software company needs to access the talent pool in India. Managing a business in a foreign country as a foreign investor is very complex. Registering your company as a subsidiary or foreign entity in India and creating an office is a long and cumbersome process. You are planning several months of work that will distract you from your daily operations. Unless your company trains a team of at least a dozen engineers and designers, it will be a waste of time. So when you have a large pool of cheap talent waiting to be exploited by you, will you let it slip or find a solution?

The answer is simple if not obvious.

Setup your Office In India for your company with the help of GoodWorks CoWork. 

GoodWorks CoWork provides fully furnished office for rent to companies to create their own software development teams in Bangalore without registering in India as a business and without having to set up operations in a new location.

Why GoodWorks CoWork?


We do not engage to any degree in the strategic procedures of our customers unless they wish. Even this is at the service level. You directly manage your team. You also make business decisions such as increasing compensation for team members or making a strategic shift based on your needs.


Here in India, wages are paid monthly. We send you an invoice each month. This bill includes wages exactly according to the terms and conditions based on our agreement as well as the regulatory standards here.


We provide your team with their own office within our safe, secure and well-maintained development center. We take care of all the logistics, such as electricity and internet connection.


Once we hire, we take over as a legal employer and hire the candidate as a full-time employee based on the conditions you are negotiating with the candidate. Your team is added to our payroll.

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