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5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

When you think about social media to promote or advertise your business, Instagram isn’t probably the first option that you think of. Typically, you might consider Facebook Ads or Twitter for networking as traditional businesses use.

But, with Instagram being one of the fastest and most effective social media platforms in the last two to three years, more and more businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands are considering to reach there, to tap a younger audience.

Since the engagement factor on Instagram is immensely high in comparison to Facebook, it’s definitely the platform that has the potential to move businesses from a tiny company to a burgeoning one. So, whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, it’s time for you to start eyeing at how Instagram can help you grow.

1) Project your brand in a creative way

Focus on showcasing the solutions you provide, and not the products you sell. On Instagram, it is necessary to add value to the lives of your customers, but in a seamlessly pretty manner. While you do this, also remember that your most important asset on this platform is the visual content that you provide. If you’re a service provider, focus on screening the process of providing the service.

2) Post what your viewers want

Don’t assume that all your pictures and videos need to be top-notch and well-polished. In fact, at times, your audience would prefer viewing the raw smartphone clicked photographs. Besides, you can even capture a little sneak-peek or behind-the-scenes shots of what runs in the process of providing a particular service.

Remember, your page should deliver value through the visual content that the viewers would not find anywhere else.

3) Do not underestimate the power of your audience and content

The question here is – how to hit that active audience engagement strategy? The key here is to make sure you’re offering value along with creativity that attracts people’s attention. An image is worth a thousand words, so ensure you’re communicating through the right ones that would make people want to share your brand story.

4) Use Hashtags that relates to your image

Since people sort images by Hashtags, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience by using the relevant Hashtags. These Hashtags can be campaign specific or just general, what’s important is to make use of the ones that are relevant. Also, make sure to set up your company Hashtag i.e. your brand name, and use it frugally across Twitter and Instagram. This will make it easier for people to find your account as well content that they’re looking for.

5) Measure your success and continue building on it

Without putting a hold on your activities and measuring what has been working for you, and what’s not, marketing would purely become a guessing game. The social media management tools can prove to be helpful. They’re not only useful for scheduling your posts and campaigns in advance, but the social media analytics also help in measuring the results. Make sure to constantly monitor your follower count, number of likes and clicks, all to revise and improve your strategy.

Instagram for business purpose is a virtual platform, whether you’re looking to drive more website visits or to spread brand awareness. Identifying and capitalizing on the wide-range of opportunities that Instagram provides will give you the power over your competitors and represent your brand’s commitment to stay connected.


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