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GoodWorks Cowork – A Design Inspired Coworking Space.

Design Inspired coworking spaces

With the advent of technology such as mobile devices and cloud computing, the workplace has become much more flexible. Many people are no longer as attached to a single location. When people think of mobility of jobs, we often think specifically of employees. This has brought about the evolution of Coworking in the recent years.

And as with almost anything that has visual aspects attached to it, even Coworking spaces need to get their design on target. What are the design elements that make a coworking space much more congenial? It was one of the questions that we at Goodworks Cowork addressed on priority.

We asked ourselves:

  1. What increases productivity?
  2. What calms our mind?
  3. What inspires us?

After, addressing these questions, we answered the question in bold above.

What are the design elements that make a coworking space much more congenial?

We classified the design elements into six categories and started creating the basic layout that would later turn out to be the place where great minds work together in symphony.

Private Offices at GoodWorks CoWork

1. Wall Decor:

The mind constantly needs to be reminded of its capabilities. Inspiration can arise from the tiniest visual cues. Understanding that the cut-throat competition can bog any entrepreneur down, we have made sure at Goodworks Cowork that inspiration is never too far away. Our walls are embedded with motivational messages, startup stories from around the world and some of them might even give you a laugh or two.


2. Seating comfort:

The vicinity around your chair and desk space in front of you can set the tone for consistent productivity. Too much comfort and you feel lazy and if the comfort levels are low, work becomes strenuous. At GoodWork CoWorks, every single seat in the shared office space, as well as the private office, has been thought out extensively and intricately designed to give you a production-oriented experience.



3. Lighting and well-lit work stations:

Light can make or break the appearance of any object we perceive through our naked eyes. Apt lighting is essential for the work environment. Too much light and it irritates us and a dim vicinity can make us sleepy. The hanging scoop lamps in the shared office space focus on each coworker aptly. Apart from it, the office space receives ample natural lighting which is essential to keep a high entropy in the space.

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4. Work ambiance:

People love going to coffee shops to hang out, discuss ideas and innovate. Hence, we have tried to imbibe a coffee shop theme to the surroundings via color schemes and lighting patterns. Even the breakout area which allows co-workers to relax gives you an enriching feel of sitting in a coffee shop.

flexi desks at goodworks cowork
5. Stylish office interiors:

One of the most important design elements that we focused on were the interiors. What we tried to achieve was a good first impression, along with props that signify progress. We acquired an old bicycle, a miniature car model, a spotlight to name a few. These decors are not just meant to beautify the place, instead, they symbolize the essence of innovation and invention.

Coworking in Whitefield Bangalore


6. Layout of coworking space:

Right from the spacious reception, the private rooms, the meeting rooms, the open shared space and the breakout area, everything has been placed in a sequential order. They are placed in an order after carefully analyzing the frequency of the places being accessed by different coworkers. This will clearly make the space clutter-free and more easily accessible to all coworkers.



Design thinking is the new approach that is simplifying things everywhere. It accommodates creativity keeping in mind the proven methods of the past. At GoodWorks Cowork, design is not just a part of our methodologies, it is the foundation on which we have built an amazing office space.

Come, innovate in our playing field tailor-made for star entrepreneurs.

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