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Dear Freelancer, please get out!


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“Work from home” is a culture that many of us are slowly adapting to.

Imagine sitting in the comforts of your home, with a hot cup of coffee, and running through your mails thinking how productive you are going to be today.

Sounds like the perfect environment to get you started, but let’s be practical here and ask ourselves just one question-

How much work actually gets done?!

In this blog, we are going to tell you why you should get out and work at co-working spaces instead!

4 reasons why Freelancers should CoWork:

  • Be more productive:

Social media today is the most powerful tool to reach your target audience and customers. But at the same time, it is also the biggest threat to your productivity.

How often do you end up spending time aimlessly scrolling through your news feed, reading random scoopwoop stories, trolling on memes and before you realize it, you have wasted 2 hours doing NOTHING productive.

In a hurry to meet deadlines, you end up compromising on the quality of your work!



It is very difficult to stay disciplined while you work at home. But when you are out in a co-working space you get motivated when you see your peers chalking out elaborate plans.

You may not get all things off your checklist, but we can guarantee that you will definitely feel more productive.


  •  Meet new people and build your customer list!

Today, the internet has a place for everyone. Run a simple search on Google and you will find a list of sites that offer jobs for freelancers.

But hey, what about personal touch where we exchange business cards, talk to clients in person and build professional relationships?

Yes, it is good to have your portfolio online, but don’t be anti-social in the real world. Meet new people and build your contacts. Probably your biggest break may come through a random stranger that you shared your business card with!

When you move out of the confined spaces of your house and interact with people in co-working spaces, chances are they could hire you for their work or refer you to someone who could benefit from your services.



  • Work-life balance:

On the outside, it sure looks like you have everything sorted. But bringing work to your personal space such as your house has never really worked well for people. You either end up getting distracted by house-hold chores or you work over time and lose track of personal life.

When you work at a shared office space, you get to balance out your work calls, your mails and also your time for fun. Unlike traditional office spaces, Co-working areas give you the liberty to work in a relaxed environment.

Get the perfect work-life balance by working in co-working spaces and devote time to the right things at the right time!



  • Unlimited access to resources:

One of the best things of working in a co-working space is the range of services that you get access to. From high speed internet to yummy snacks to a thriving community, you have it all. Working would no longer seem boring and lonely!

Work independently and at the same time reap benefits of working along with a community of smart, motivated people.

Work – Party – Repeat!



Hope that you are now convinced about why you should get out and head to a co-working space near you! If you are in Bangalore and are looking for a fun, exciting and motivating space to kick-start your day, then just drop in to GoodWorks CoWork in Bangalore, Whitefield 🙂

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