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Coworking Spaces Helping Environment To Be Sustainable. One Step At A Time! 

Over the past few months, we all have witnessed the unexpected, unheard, and unseen disasters in the world. Regular fires in the jungles, rising temperature, glaciers melting, sea levels increasing, locusts swarm, cyclones, earthquakes are all result of climate change and global warming. Every passing day we are approaching towards the saturation point of climate emergency.

Today the internet is filled with conversations about climate change and emergency. This has surely helped people to keep environmental sustainability at the forefront of their mind. Being mindful, many have started to contribute their bit in environment conversation by opting sustainable options. Seeing this growing awareness and demand for eco-friendly products builders and developers are more focused on building greener houses, offices, complexes, and tech-parks.

Talking about offices, the concept of ‘green workspace’ will soon become a norm rather than the exception. While traditional workspaces are doing their little in saving the planet, let us look at how coworking and shared office spaces hold on to the deeper meaning of sustainability. From the future of work to the future of sustainability, coworking spaces have the potential to solve these problems.

Coworking Spaces Helping Environment To Be Sustainable. One Step At A Time! 

Here are some reasons how coworking spaces are eco-friendly and ecological than traditional office spaces:

Shared spaces and resources

Coworking spaces possess a huge potential to support environmental sustainability due to their inherently sharing-oriented constitution. At its foundation, they support the sharing of space, supplies and other resources, thereby cutting down on basic wastefulness.

Being a shared office, it is a workspace for multiple organisations and businesses. Had there been no coworking spaces, these businesses would have been operating out of their separate offices thereby increasing the usage of space and land. This is how coworking promotes usage of lesser land and space by helping different companies to work under the same roof and in the same space.


Many established, growing, and top coworking brands are strategically located at multiple prime locations. By this, they are trying to reduce commutes and resultant CO2 emissions by creating the workspace close to where people live. This is how the coworking spaces that serve their local area are green by definition.

Eco-friendly and natural lights

Coworking spaces think efficiently in terms of lighting. Most of these top shared office spaces are well lit with as much natural light as possible. The open and spacious layout help in better transmission of light thereby making the coworking space bright with minimal usage of artificial light.

Besides, unnecessary lighting is a major power drain. Therefore, the leading coworking brands are ensuring that their workspaces are installed with intelligent LED lighting which uses much less power and has a considerably longer lifetime.

In-house plants and gardens

As most of the coworking spaces have large and open common areas and courtyards, they incorporate a design philosophy of adding plants and greens in these areas. The Indoor plantation is not just a visual reminder of the green ideals but also improves the air quality by filtering harmful toxins.

GoodWorks believes in creating green and sustainable shared workspace which is good for everyone – the brand, its employees, and the environment at large. Our coworking and shared office centres follow the above-mentioned design philosophies, thereby creating a greener place to work from. Sustainability being the key factor of our space design, we have been awarded by ET Now with the ‘Best Coworking Space Design Award 2020’. Should you be looking forward to working out of an ecological workspace, then reach out to us at [email protected] or call +91-8088707700.


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