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Why Enterprises Are Moving To Flex Spaces?


As the global pandemic stuck, many large companies are finding ways in which they can adjust their real estate strategies to meet the current and future needs of their workforce. Finding space that is flexible, and provide reliable infrastructure and service is a necessity. This is the primary reason some enterprises choose workspaces that replace their traditional office, rather than going fully remote. 

Companies are now realizing that they don’t need an office anymore. They can save this cost which can be utilised in other ways. GoodWorks coworking spaces in Bangalore has become a preferred workspace choice for many startups, entrepreneurs, corporates, and MNCs. Present in all the key locations of Bangalore, GoodWork Spaces has all the facilities and amenities that makes your each day productive. 

The benefit of moving in to flex spaces than traditional office

As remote working has become dominant now, comapnies are finding the mid way between traditional offices to switching to complete work from home model. And the best alternative that stands is coworking spaces. Flexible office is the best solution for startups and enetrprisrs. Let get into details, how?


Flexible Private Workspaces are easy to procure, and easy to move into, streamlining the sourcing and management of a company’s real estate portfolio. Flexible terms reduce the negotiation process and enable companies to provide multiple locations for employees to congregate, a few days per week. Dedicated Private Workspace allows real-estate teams to right-size the portfolio to what is required now, while still meeting facilities requirements, including robust cleaning and maintenance policies.

Human Resources

In a flexible office, staffing is covered by the provider with all-inclusive services — no need to hire additional personnel to restock printers, welcome guests, clean or create programming.


In a traditional setting, lease negotiations and subsequent buildout result in months of spending and separate bills. In flexible, Private Workspace offerings, it’s all on the same, predictable rent. Flexible workspace takes the guesswork out of financial planning.

Less Liability

With private workspace, they are completely responsible to take care of the space and not you. It takes the burden away from your head and you are free from the day-to-da hassles. 

Easier to Manage Tech Requirements

Private workspaces provide robust server rooms, Internet connectivity, and more custom IT at a lower cost. In addition, private workspace allows for access control and physical separation. Essentially, it allows companies to find a workspace that meets their office standards, with far fewer headaches.

It’s Time to Think about Total Cost of Office

Private workspaces are saving companies half or more compared to traditional long term leases. This comes down to an equation that considers not only rent but the total cost of fitting out and operating a space. With flexible workplace policies, such as remote-first, or part-time work-from-home, flexible office allows companies to find a workspace that eliminates underutilized space and redistributes physical infrastructure quickly to meet the needs of a more distributed workforce.


Another convenience, and money-saver, of serviced workspace offerings like coworking or flexible office, is that office management is included. While there are additional staffing needs to consider in a traditional office setting, and even to manage a remote workforce, flexible workspace is fully staffed with community and facilities at no additional fee.

Summing Up

For companies deciding to find workspace in 2020, the options are greater than ever before. In in the IT hub of India, you can directly walk-in in any of  the coworking spaces of GoodWorks and find a place for yourself. You can work peacefully in the top-notch environment and we will take care of everything else. If you have questions or want to talk, please drop us an email at – [email protected] or call us at  – 8088707700 to discuss your options.  We are here to help, always!


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