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Vishwas Mudagal Inaugurates AIESEC’s Youth Speak Forum 2023

Empowering Youth Voices: Vishwas Mudagal Inspires at AIESEC’s Youth Speak Forum 2023

Vishwas Mudagal, Co-Founder of GoodWorksCowork, inaugurated the prestigious Youth Speak Forum, AIESEC’s flagship event, held at the illustrious Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bengaluru. This event was meticulously designed to empower and inspire the next generation by fostering a platform where young individuals could learn from the veterans, gain insights, engage in enlightening dialogues with accomplished individuals and organisations, forge valuable connections, and actively seek avenues for transformative action.

Vishwas Mudagal was the keynote speaker, alongside luminaries such as Varun Sridhar, CEO of Paytm Money, Rashmi Gowda, Co-CEO of ScoreLeap, and Umang Surana, Co-Founder of Capable. This gathering captivated the hearts and minds of over 500 enthusiastic students, eagerly anticipating invaluable insights from accomplished personalities.

During his engaging discourse, Vishwas Mudagal shared his captivating journey as an entrepreneur, weaving together his resolute spirit and literary prowess in publishing two bestsellers; ‘Kalki, the Last Avatar’ and ‘Losing My Religion’. His inspirational words left an indelible impact on the eager minds present, instilling them with the inspiration to pursue their own dreams. Furthermore, Vishwas actively interacted with the students after the session, engaging with the audience, providing guidance, and answering their inquiries, fostering a rich and meaningful exchange.


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