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Things To Ask Before You Move Into A Shared Office Space In Bangalore!

Do you have your own business already? Are you not sure about where to start or from where to expand at the lowest cost possible in hand? Then for you, the concept of Coworking space and shared office spaces is one of the best in the market at the moment.

There is so much that each individual can take home from every shared office space like the enriching experience, new and better networking opportunities, great flow of creativity and energy in the air to raise the industrial standards.

However, you need to be smart enough to check and realize which of the shared office places are offering the space you would be comfortable to sit at. In fact, let’s discuss the top things that you will have to ask or check before paying the rent for the space for yourself or your staff.

  • The Culture

As shared office working spaces are on the rise in India, you will be faced with different kinds of workplaces. At these shared workplaces, you will encounter different people and customs they share. It only comes down to the kind of environment you want to build for yourself or your employees.

If you are indulged in some serious research and development or analytical work, then having a shared working culture should be quite subtle and silent. The crowd must be gentle and minding their own business the majority of the time.

Moreover, you would have to then avoid the shared spaces where the sales and marketing people are always on their toes to make a new deal or generate a new lead. Chances are they might end up trying to sell you something to complete the target of the day. In such cases, you will be distracted and would not be able to concentrate on the analytics part of your own business.

On the other hand, if your job is to have a strong marketing and creativity flair in the organization, you should always seek a culture with like-minded generation even if they are working somewhere else in this Coworking space.

  • Check Whether Operational Support Is Available

Usually, the amenities are free with the total package of the space that has been booked by you. The cost should be transparently narrated to you by the executives. Moreover, fully furnished office spaces do win a brownie point for selecting them in prime locations like Whitefield, Bengaluru.

By availing such options, you would have to bear any other operational headaches or costs for further adjustments. The executives should have the office space prepared as per your prior mentioned requirement. After all, the ease of joining and working in such spaces is what sells the most.

  • Check Booking Management System Application Availability

While you are looking for a shared office space for your employees and the main organization, you should check whether the managing system has an online application or an internal source for booking the amenities like food from Cafeteria, meeting rooms at different hours, IT support for handling the devices and network issues, and others.

  • Availability Of Occupancy Certificate

It is certificate which the local or the municipal government issues to the authorized party owning the building where the shared working space services are carried out. If you can get it verified from the manager or the executives, it means that the place will not hamper your working experiences.

In other words, it is legally accepted for the shared office space owners to run Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) business module at the mentioned location.

  • The Overall Size Of The Place

Whenever you are looking for shared office spaces for your employees altogether, you need to check whether the complete size of the different cubicles and meeting rooms available at the premises.

If you have a large staff, you will need a better and a spacious working centre. Whereas, if you are only starting up with a member or two, there’s no need to spend extra bucks on larger spaces unnecessarily.

  • Available Amenities

Besides the location of the business centre of the shared office working space, you need to ask around the amenities that the centre will provide. These basic amenities can be like free Wi-Fi, cafeteria, lounge area to sit, relax, and chat, and other things like parking facility, and mailbox services.

These amenities might different in quantity and quality from place to place. It’s your job to look out for the ones that meet your immediate needs. This could also be related to your business model and also the number of your staff.

  • Security & Privacy

For avoiding the tampering of your documents and management of your privacy, shared offices must be robust in their security, safety, and privacy. You should ask for proper locker facilities, availability of CCTV camera systems, and security staff that monitors any suspicious activity to fend off the uncertain and unwanted event like theft.

Personal cabins might also be provided with barriers in between so that an individual can work on his or her business model without any interference from the other party.

  • The Timings Of The Shared Office Space

Some office centers are open 24*7 while some close up pretty soon in 10-18 hours. Depending upon your working needs, ask around to be clearer on the same.

If you have a business model that runs throughout the day, which might be related to extensive research and analytics or freelancing jobs, then a 24*7 open facility would work fine for you.

However, if you are working only on one-half of the day, there’s no need to spend extra money on renting a shared working space, which is always open. In the end, you need to make a constructive decision and know your business hours first.

This can really save a great amount of money that’s about to be spent from your end.

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