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The Untold Stories from GoodWorks:- This start-up leader did not anticipate coworking would turn out this way for his team!

When Deepak Bhandarkar, Director of a subsidiary of an Atlanta based start-up, TechSera Inc., started putting his offshore team together in Bangalore, he contemplated between taking up a small office for this team or moving into a coworking space.

Coworking space seemed like a viable option as it would offload him of the operational burden. Later, Deepak’s team moved to GoodWorks Whitefield in January 2019.

After a few months, his team expanded, and he decided to upgrade from open-coworking office to a private cabin.

In the last few months, TechSera’s team has discovered there is more advantage to a coworking space than the obvious like it saves operational costs, builds network, increases productivity, etc. The tech startup is now able to attract talent from bigger organizations. “GoodWorks’s coworking offices are not only beautiful but also spacious,” says Deepak. The shared space allows his team to take business meetings or simply hang out when they need a break.

Richa, TechSera’s passionate HR engages her team on Friday’s in team building fun activities. Their private office lets them have these fun times, without disturbing other coworkers. Deepak who firmly believes that any ‘company is as successful as its employees’ takes pride in his choice of the co-working space.

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Team TechSera at GoodWorks Cowork

“We encourage a family-friendly culture at TechSera, where employees can bring their families to work on occasional visits”, he says with pride. This one time, the future in-laws of one of his colleagues came to check his workplace as they were apprehensive about the start-up job. They went back with satisfaction” and in few months, this guy is married”, confides Deepak with a big smile.
TechSera is the US-based supply chain solution provider that works on product development and provides consultancy services. Before, putting a team together Deepak worked remotely for about 6 months. As his team grew, he planned for an office to create an ideal work environment for his employees to collaborate, share ideas, brainstorm together, and build a strong team with positive culture where he could hold discussions with his team, collaborate, share knowledge and work together.

Getting a private office in GoodWorks space as helped his team build a strong bond between his team, while they enjoy the perks of coworking. Interactions with other coworkers and the sense of community keeps them motivated. This is biggest advantage of coworking, according to Deepak. His “team is happy”


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