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6 Employee Productivity Tips for your Startup

There is no doubt that increasing productivity in the workplace is a priority area for every entrepreneur.

However, it does not mean that your employees need to stress out in achieving the objective.

You can introduce many innovative and novel methods so that the employees feel happy and feel stress-free in their busy schedule.

So, how can you ensure that the workplace is stress-free and provides a fun environment? We may have some tips that can help you boost your employee productivity.

Productivity tips for workplace

1. Arrange a Small Get-together

A get-together is crucial for building a rapport among the employees. You can celebrate team achievements or a birthday or any such event that aids in reducing the pent-up stress of the employees. After the event, the effectiveness of the workforce rebounds to a higher level.

While appreciating and recognizing the achievement, you can plan to set a higher target for the team to achieve and look forward to another round of celebrations on meeting the targets.

2. Introduce Recreational Activity

Develop the habit of taking small breaks in between the busy schedule of work. You can introduce fun-evoking recreational activities and indoor sports like carom, table tennis, or even watching TV for a cricket or football match going on.

3. Earmark a Game area

Having a dedicated area for games is a good idea. Whenever the employee feels stressed out, he can step into the game area and play a game of his choice. The mental solace one gets from this small activity results in boosting up the productivity in general.

4. Allow Pets at Work

Believe it or not, allowing a pet in the workplace helps in team cohesion and triggers the communication skills of the workforce. A research study at the Virginia Common Wealth University confirmed that the stress level of employees could be brought down by allowing pets at the workplace. Companies like VMWare and Salesforce allow employees to bring in pets to the office.

5. Share pictures

When the employees share the pics of their children, family or their own childhood photographs would help in establishing friendship among them. A study also concludes that sharing pics of pets too has a positive effect on productivity.

6. Create a pleasant Ambience

You will agree that you spend almost 1/3rd of your day at the workplace. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not work in an uninspiring space. You can create a fun-filled and jovial environment which keeps your team members and you happy. This will boost up the motivation level and morale of the employees.

Parting thoughts

Having fun at the workplace would not reduce the efficiency level as some people think. In fact, according to a survey, it was proved that the fun at workplace would reduce the absenteeism especially the sick leave. A fun-packed workplace ensures physical and mental well-being, creativity and also a friendly environment. You can take advantage of the fun-evoking activities without substantial cost and increase the productivity of the employees.



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