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Do We Really Want To Go Back To Office? WFM or WFO?

An Aftermath Of COVID-19 Pandemic: The Future Of Workspaces

With the lethal pandemic causing worldwide wreckage, work from home or WFH seems to be the new norm. However, several companies are already discussing calling back their employees to the office once the virus is dealt with. But is that a good idea? In essence, both work from home and work from office has pros and cons. It is vital to find a middle ground in order to harness maximum productivity. Let’s discuss more about it –

Work from home
  • Work-life balance

Sitting in an office cubicle can sometimes make you forget that there is a life outside of your work. Working from home offers you an opportunity to set up barriers and finish work within the set time. This way, you can now enjoy a personal life without compromising the professional one.

  • Save money and time

Working from home presents a distinct advantage of saving both time and money. Now, you can better use the time spent on the commute. Moreover, you can also save money that you usually spend on transportation, food, and others.

  • Loneliness and feelings of isolation

While work from home has its charms, there is no denying the feelings of loneliness and isolation. With time, anxiety and feelings of being cut off from the rest of the world can impact work productivity. It is undeniable that human beings are social creatures, and thus interaction with others is what causes us to thrive.

Work from office
  • Direct communication

One of the most effective forms of communication is the face-to-face or direct one. While video conferencing on frequent phone calls can be an alternative, nothing can beat sitting next to your manager and understanding the work. It not only assists in the efficient completion of the work but also helps in building a good corporate relationship.

  • Discipline and growth

Another major benefit of working from the office is discipline. Here, there is a strict set of protocols that everyone has to follow. Moreover, there is no opportunity to procrastinate. This, in turn, reduces laziness and aids in the overall growth of a professional.

  • Lack of flexibility

However, with rigid office timings, there is no scope for flexibility. You cannot simply log off because you have finished your work. Moreover, you cannot change your workstation at your convenience. It can lead to feeling a distinct lack of control.

The middle ground: Coworking spaces

While there are both pros and cons to work from home and work from the office, it is pertinent to seek a solution. The rise of coworking spaces is an answer to the debate. It is the perfect mixture of both and exhibits the best facets. For instance, there are no rigid office timings here. You can work as per your needs as most coworking spaces are open 24/7. However, the presence of professionals from different fields also aids in enhancing your creativity. Moreover, it combats loneliness and gives you a feeling of belonging. Apart from this, the opportunity to develop more professionals and personal connections is a plus.


It is true that both work from home and work from office has merits and downfalls. The best solution is to choose the right coworking space. However, for this, you will need to conduct proper research. Only the best coworking space can offer you the right working environment, increasing productivity and giving you more satisfaction. That is why you must opt for the best coworking space. Check out GoodWorks coworking spaces and get a professional space to work. For more details, contact the team here!


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