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Discussion Rooms In Whitefield, Bangalore


World Class Discussion Rooms in Whitefield, Bangalore

GoodWorks Cowork offers discussion rooms in Whitefield, the IT hub of Bangalore, where all the major tech giants have established themselves. Our discussion rooms are equipped with everything necessary, state of the art and advanced equipment to provide you with the perfect environment for your business discussions. Our in house infrastructure and facilities such as high speed internet connection, projectors, and telephone connections will facilitate a smooth discussion between your organisation members and as well as outstation partners and clients.

A perfect corporate discussion comprises not just of the thoughts and discussions put forward, the environment of the venue affects the thought process as well and at Goodworks Cowork, we have ensured that your discussions are uninterrupted and peaceful.

Discussion Rooms for Rent

We offer spaces for all types of requirements and occasions, right from a business discussion to a board of directors meeting to an on call conference with a station client. We are a design inspired state of the art coworking studio and we believe in providing the best facilities to all our clients.

Following are the categories for discussion rooms at GoodWorks CoWork:  

  1. Interview Room: A two seater meeting room rental with a whiteboard and telephone connection. Suitable for conducting personal interviews, conference calls and confidential discussions. An ideal place to carry out one on one conversations and interview prospective candidates. Bookings are open now and are allowed on an hourly basis.
  2. Meeting Room: A six seater room available on an hourly basis with a whiteboard, wifi, telephone connection and other amenities to allow for smooth, hassle-free discussions. A perfect room to organise small scale meetings and brainstorm on ideas and discuss other aspects about the company.
  3. Conference Room: A spacious twelve seater meeting room for rent with a projector, whiteboard, telephone connection for conference calls and wifi. It is suitable for discussions during client visits, investor meetings or to conduct seminars and workshops. These board rooms are ideal for organising video calls with clients and your development team. Bookings are open now on an hourly basis.
  4. Training Room: Conduct group discussions, seminars or informal meetups at our coworking space on any day, we also provide hourly booking and weekly bookings with flexible timings. It’s a great space for knowledge-sharing and formal get-togethers.

A great discussion is characterised by these points:

  1. Punctuality: Our meeting rooms are in a prime location of Bangalore. It is easily accessible by major companies and hence being punctual will not be an issue for anyone. The electricity is backed up by a fully functioning generator and we will ensure there are no administrative delays from our side as well. Begin on time and you can expect everybody to participate in the meeting actively. Remember, time is money.
  2. The Environment: The quickest way to lose the participants, other than being an interminable, crashing bore, is to conduct your meeting in a room where the environment can be distracting. This could involve the temperature being too high for participants or poor ventilation. That, coupled with a dark meeting room, encourages people to fall asleep. Our meeting rooms are nothing like that and you can be rest assured the ambience will never let you down.

What makes our discussion rooms the most sought out in Bangalore is our location, our facilities and most importantly, our value added benefits. GoodWorks Cowork is regarded as one of the best facility for entrepreneurs in Bengaluru not just because of the fully furnished office space and facilities, rather for the elegant environment and a golden chance to meet and interact with entrepreneurs from all spheres of life.

Our premium discussion rooms will not only give you the right working but also mentorship from serial entrepreneurs Vishwas Mudagal and Sonia Sharma, who will guide you on the road to success. All essential administrative assistance required for a perfect business discussion will also be provided for a hassle-free business environment.

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