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Popularized as the startup capital of India, Bangalore has a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem that is perfect to launch a business. Bangalore has quickly gained massive popularity as the startup mecca for the world of business. It has a thriving ecosystem that sustains budding startups with ease. It is indeed difficult to choose a location that can offer the best support for launching startups. For instance, you will need skilled professionals, help from the government, and the ability to form a community. Moreover, the rise in the virtual office space industry plays a significant role.

There are various reasons to choose Bangalore for starting up your business. Let’s list down a few here –

Take a look at the reasons listed below that explains why choosing Bangalore is an excellent idea –

  • Well-planned infrastructure

Owing to a well-planned infrastructure, businesses find themselves growing at an exponential rate in Bangalore. Better roads, uninterrupted power supply, and adequate support from the government have made it possible for Bangalore to be ranked in the 84th position in the list of globally developed urban regions.

  • Mentorship culture

Entrepreneurs setting up business in Bangalore have often boasted about the encouraging culture of mentorship that prevails there. It helps startups expand and assists them in forming well-meaning professional connections via networking. 

  • A pool of skilled talent

The seemingly unending pool of professional talent makes Bangalore an even more appealing location for startups. Here, businesses can have their pick of employees depending on their needs and requirements. With a supply of talented individuals, startups find it easy to launch the business. 

  • Cost of living

It is always preferable to set up business in a city where the cost of living is comparatively low. For instance, the cost of living in Bangalore is quite low, when compared to other cosmopolitan areas, like Delhi and Mumbai. 

  • High number of investors

Funding is a crucial criterion when it comes to the successful launching of a startup. In Bangalore, there is a high number of investors and venture capitalists ready to offer a lending hand. If you have a great idea and can translate it into reality, your business could generate high profits. 

  • Media exposure

The plethora of media platforms that focus on startups is massive in Bangalore. It gives startups the perfect opportunity to get media exposure and coverage. The more media exposure, the higher are the chances of networking for emerging businesses. 

  • Meetups and events

The organization of different hackathons, meetups, and events leads to chances of networking for business professionals. That, in turn, helps them in expanding the startup. 

  • Cutting-edge technology

Known as the IT hub of India, Bangalore offers startups the opportunity to use the latest technology in their projects. This already keeps them a step ahead of the rest of the competitors in the field. 


These are some of the reasons that explain why opting for Bangalore as the desired destination for launching your startup is a good idea. Apart from the extensive pool of talented professionals and a high number of investors, Bangalore is also known for its thriving virtual office space industry. For startups, freelancers and businesses alike, these shared spaces offer a multitude of advantages.

Besides providing a networking platform, the coworking space can also help in the growth of the company. However, for that, choosing the right virtual office space is of paramount importance. Check out GoodWorks virtual office space in Bangalore, it is completely designed keeping in mind that people get utmost comfort while working and space adds to their productivity. So what are you thinking? Book our virtual office today! 


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