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7 Essential Websites For Every Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, one has to be flourishing upon a constant source of learning, and aware of what is going around, because the profession is as such. It challenges you every day and difficulties can arise at any point in time. So, sitting back and learning becomes as important as going out there and performing.

So, we have curated a list of 7 Websites you should be browsing through on a daily basis to stay updated with the latest trends in entrepreneurship as well as technology.

Stay ahead of the times!

Product Hunt

To understand how startupreneurs think these days and make products in the web and mobile domain. Even if it’s a small idea, there are a lot of products that make a small difference in your life.



 The main reason would be to understand about hive minds/ group thinking. You would wonder that there are a lot of topics under the sun which you don’t even know. It’s better to be on Reddit if you wish to create and enjoy being in a community.



 Read vastly about topics and understand views about hot topics from people of different backgrounds. You get to know about different views from different people across the world.



 The perfect way to stay abreast about current affairs & the latest happenings. This gives you news in tablet form.



Stay updated on anything technology related or selecting the best technology platform. A straightforward approach makes it a favorite even among the least tech-savvy entrepreneurs.


A Smart Bear

Compelling and thought provoking pieces on entrepreneurial life and best business practices by serial entrepreneur Jason Cohen. He is a start up mentor and takes part in start-up communities.



Detailed insight practices and research that help in strategy and planning. A lot of featured interviews and articles help you stay in sync with the startup bubble. A wonderful website for entrepreneurs from all spheres.



Keep browsing and stay informed!


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