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6 Truths About Failure Every Entrepreneur Should Embrace

6 truths about entrepreneurship

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy, especially in the formative years. Every person trying to start his own venture will look to make it a successful one. However, an aspiring entrepreneur naturally can feel the nerves getting the better of him every now and then in doing so.

However, if everyone just feared and no one took risks, the world would have been an entrepreneur-free place. So, here we are, helping you understand and overcome the commonest of common fears an entrepreneur can face.

  1. Success Can Come Only From Failure.

No man is born with experience beforehand. He has to gain it and failure teaches us to value success. Experiencing failure makes you appreciate success even more. It is through failure that we come to understand others’ definition of success and evolve over time to be a better entrepreneur.

  1. Failure Should Not be Confused With Quitting.

For many entrepreneurs, being afraid of failure is often perceived as being scared, or quitting. In reality, failure is not when you exhaust all options available to you and quit as a last resort. Failure is when you quit without trying at all.

  1. Curiosity Naturally Leads To Failures.

It’s in the nature of an entrepreneur to be curious. Seeking answers to questions which cannot be answered by the regular 9 to 5 jobs and that insatiable drive to be a notch better than anyone else is what makes them take up opportunities, some good, some bad. Experiencing failure because of being curious is a very normal thing for a person with a curious mind.

  1. Fear of Competing in a Saturated Market.

How do you overcome the fear of competing in a market that’s already been monopolized? The answer is through passion. Passion trumps fear, always. An entrepreneur worthy of his salt can always overcome fear because his passion uproots any fear in his way, and that is what matters, overcoming fear and moving ahead with your ideas and hitting that home run.

  1. Failure Is An Asset

Being curious by nature, entrepreneurs always wonder ‘what could’ve been the situation had I taken up that opportunity’. That longing for more experience and knowledge, teaches you how to manage businesses. It also helps you understand what to do and what not to do in the future, and it grows your value as an entrepreneur.

  1. Failure gets easier to bear given time

It will not be a wise move to quit at the first instance of failure. As an entrepreneur, the better thing to do would be to embrace it, learn from it, and move on. Time will solve most of the issues and help you emerge as a better leader in your business. The key is not to quit when the going gets tough.

In conclusion, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, and if fear is keeping you from pursuing your dreams, feel confident that the fear is valid, and that many entrepreneurs have faced it. If you let your fear not scare you, but motivate you, you will find success in your venture.


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