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5 Best CoWorking Spaces From Across The World

The World Is A CoWorking Space

For a simple, low-cost fee, most coworking spaces provide a desk or area to work, access to fast wifi, office supplies, and usually coffee, tea, and snacks. With coworking locations popping up around the world, we have rounded up a list of some of the coolest spaces that will definitely get your creative juices flowing.




The BoxJelly (Honolulu, Hawaii)


The BoxJelly is Hawaii’s first coworking space and in their words: “It is a place for small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the like to have a space to get sh*t done.” We couldn’t agree more.



KoHub (Koh Lanta, Thailand)


With unlimited WiFi, dedicated AC rooms, free coffee, tea and water, andlocated next to Long Beach, KoHub takes coworking tropical. KoHub is a vibrant international community of digital nomads and is basically one of the coolest places to get work done — and if you need a break from work, go swimming, hang out in a hammock or soak up the sun.



Hubud (Bali, Indonesia)


Hubud is easily one of our favorite coworking spaces out there. Whether it’s their prime location, fast wifi, or organic cafe that serves healthy food options, Hubud offers everything — not to mention a great sense of community.



Brooklyn Boulders (Brooklyn, New York)


Brooklyn Boulders is an ‘active collaborative workspace’ that is built above a 120 foot long and 22 foot high climbing wall in the midst of a 40,000 square foot hybrid climbing facility. This isn’t your average coworking space: expect impassioned conversations, business meetings punctuated by pull-up sessions and cheering from those at the stand-up desks as friends tackle a tough climbing challenge on the wall across the way.


Hub Australia (Adelaide, Australia)


Hub Adelaide has a list of amenities that seems to go on forever, including a fully equipped kitchen, private studios for 2–6 people, bike racks, ping pong tables, hanging swings for relaxation, an outdoor balcony, members lounge and other breakout areas, and even shower facilities so you basically never have to leave.


Happy CoWorking!

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