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4 Handy Tips to Know in a Co-Working Space


When you are working in an office with other people, you are sharing space with them, and it is important that you know the code of conduct and benefits that come with it. A person can get a lot out of work with a community in a co-working space, and make his time there productive and even profitable. There are various things like socializing and building your reputation that make a person want to work with a community.

However, for a person involved in a co-working space, it is very essential to know the Do’s and Don’ts of how to behave when in a co-working space. Hence, we have listed down some important tips for you to go through which will help you make a lasting impression over your co-workers.

1. Make talking and listening your success drivers

In a co-working space, it is but natural that you have peers. It is important that you always talk smart and make insightful conversations with people around you. Within a community, you should always try and speak less and hear more, and when you talk, make it meaningful and worth the listener’s time. This makes your peers acknowledge
your skill and merit and makes you stand out from the rest.

2. It is Important to Socialize

When working in a co-working space, it is important to realize the necessity of socializing. If a person working with a group of people stays isolated, he is much likely to become more or less invisible to his peers. It is very important for a person to talk to people working with him, so he stays on their radars. However, too much socializing is unadvisable as you may appear irritating. Hence, in a co-working space, socializing with people will help you in the long run.

3. Showcase Yourself

It is absolutely necessary for a person working in a co-working space to be able to talk to people and it should be done right from the very beginning. A good, smart introduction on your first day to your co-workers can make major difference, as it leaves a lasting impression on your peers. A simple ‘Hi’ can help you make a friend, or maybe even get you your next project. It is vital to show off your smartness in a subtle way, so that people understand that you can bring value to the company.

4. Don’t Sell

It is natural for a person working in a co-working space to try and sell. This is not a bad trait to have. However, a person should not overdo it. Looking for opportunities to sell has to be done carefully, or people start labeling you as irritating. A person looking to have a light conversation over coffee might not be interested in you trying to sell
something to him. Similarly, a person engrossed in his work may not appreciate you trying to sell them stuff by getting in their face. This is why, you should not try and oversell.

New models of working such as co-working have come up to benefit startups and gain immense corporate experience. Modern day work culture needs to be adapted to suit these new models of working. These tips will help you have a better workplace conduct, and at the same time let you progress better in a co-working space.

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