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How Can You Boost Employee Productivity At Workplace?


When people think of “startups,” they think of a fun workplace. So how can you make your space a fun and productive workspace for your team? With the rise in popularity of new work models, coworking spaces have gained mass appeal. There is no doubt that an increase in productivity at the workplace is a priority for every entrepreneur. However, it does not mean that your employees should stress out in achieving the objective.

So how can you include fun and ensure that it boosts employee productivity? In this blog, we share 6 quick tips to help you build this work culture:

1. Arrange small team meetups

A get-together is crucial for building up rapport among the employees. You can celebrate team achievements or a birthday or any such event that aids in reducing the pent-up stress of employees. After the event, vibes and energies become positive and the effectiveness of the workforce rebounds to a higher level. While appreciating and recognizing the achievement, you can also plan to set a higher target for the team to achieve and look forward to another round of celebrations on meeting the targets.

2. Introduce different activities

Develop the habit of taking a small break in between the busy schedule of work. You can introduce fun-evoking recreational activities and indoor sports like carom, table tennis, or even screen a LIVE football or cricket match during the Worldcup season to bring team members together.

3. Makeup a gaming area

Having a dedicated area for games is a good idea. Whenever the employee feels stressed out, he can step into the game area and play a game of his choice. This simple gaming experience can help employees unwind from their work and also develop a fresh mindset. The mental solace one gets from this small activity results in boosting up productivity in general.

4. Create a pleasant ambiance

You spend a lot of hours every day at your workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to make the workplace motivating for the employees. Having fun graffiti and motivational posters at work helps to make the work environment more vibrant and fun. Coworking spaces help a lot in creating this ambiance for your employees. They are filled with fun quotes and uber-cool interior designs that create a wow experience for your employees. So, if you are a small team then you can consider moving to a coworking space that will provide you the perfect motivating and fun ambiance for your employees.


Thus, having fun at a workplace would not reduce the efficiency level as some people think. The fun-packed workplace ensures physical and mental well-being, creativity, and also the presence of a friendly environment. You can take advantage of the fun-evoking activities without substantial cost and increase the productivity of the employees.

One of the best alternatives to work from home model, coworking space allows professionals from different fields to coexist in the same space. Check out GoodWorks coworking space in Bangalore, it is completely designed keeping in mind that people get utmost comfort while working and the space adds app the productivity. So what are you thinking? Book our coworking spaces today!


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