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Elon Musk – The Tech Savior

Meet The Real Life Iron Man

Elon Musk is doing everything in his power to achieve a perfect future. And he is the only businessman doing it. He has several innovative companies that work to better the future of the world. And the tech media has gone crazy over him.

Musk has become the “cool” face of technology. He is regarded as one of the most innovative businessmen in the world with SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, OpenAI, and much more. 

However, Musk does one thing no businessman does. He allows other companies to use his patents. He wants to promote growth of technology instead of promoting his company.


With his expertise after founding and running multiple Internet companies such as Zip2 and PayPal, it was fairly easy for Musk to create the next Internet company with a higher chance of success, but instead he chose in some of the most difficult industries: Space and Electrical cars because he believed in these causes.

Musk felt the need to get people inspired in space exploration, the need to prove that electric cars can be successful and those are the things that drove him to do what he did even when the chance of success was very low.

It takes a genius person to code a simple space survival game (called Blastar) at the age of twelve and scale that vision to founding a multi billion dollar giant (SpaceX) with the goal of making human life interplanetary and ensuring our existence, dealing with many obstacles and challenges along the way, something no one’s ever done before.

It takes a genius person to visualise an online payment system and go from there to starting an electric car company in Silicon Valley and remain more profitable than General Motors and Ford, something that’s never happened since 1954). From outsourcing the Hyperloop transportation idea to investing in SolarCity, OpenAI and NeuraLink, nobody is more conspicuous in looking like they’re saving the world, but Elon is actually doing a tremendous job. Sure, he loves the limelight and is flawed. But he’s achieved more than what most can only dream of in their lives and that’s what makes the hype deserved. There’s no stopping him.


–  He could change the face of space industry by himself and a small dedicated team of spacex by making reusable rockets ultimately decreasing the cost to travel to space.

– His small team of AI has been able to beat the world champion of dota2 recently

– He started building underground tunnels from his Boring company which will solve the traffic problems in US.

– His Tesla has already got the order of more than 400000 units.


As with his many companies, his ultimate goal is solving a problem and bringing a major positive change in human’s life, not just creating another product or offering another service that many other companies already do.

There are many car companies out there, but what makes Tesla unique is the fact that its cars aren’t built with the mere idea and purpose of taking people from place A to place B, they are made with the purpose of bringing a change, to prove a point and to set an example for others that an environmental friendly electric car is not only possible but better in so many ways.

Honestly, he is the real-life Tony Stark!

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