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How Worthy Are Coworking Spaces?


With the popularity of coworking spaces, most businesses seem to prefer this working model. While there are clearly numerous advantages that companies can get from renting shared or coworking spaces, there are some challenges too.  That can lead to business organizations doubting the worth of coworking spaces. However, taking time to choose the right space can make all the difference.

Challenges posed by coworking spaces

There are some challenges that can lead to the rise of doubts about coworking spaces in professionals. Take a look at some of them listed below –

  1. Absence of privacy

No matter how friendly a person is, privacy is a vital criterion when you are at work. Sometimes, seclusion is the key to getting a job with a tight deadline done faster. For this, the strategic layout of the coworking space is pertinent. Moreover, leaving a substantial amount of space between individual desks is a good idea.

  1. Clash with others

It is true that when people from different professional or cultural backgrounds are put in the same space, the clash is inevitable. The only way to get a handle on this issue is to reduce friction as much as possible. For this, enforcing the etiquette rules is an essential job of the manager.

  1. Constant distractions

The noise pollution in a coworking space is a big challenge. The constant clacking of the keyboard, people talking on phones or with others, and other sounds can drive anyone crazy. Here, the best solution is to use noise-canceling headphones or efficient earplugs. However, mitigating these distractions is the responsibility of the manager.

  1. Security issues

Another vital challenge is the lack of security. This does not necessarily pertain to physical security but rather the idea of others stealing your ideas or views. Moreover, hacking of data while using the company Wi-Fi is a real fear.

Benefits of coworking spaces

While there are some doubts related to coworking spaces, there are numerous advantages too. These include –

  • Diverse work culture

Working with professionals from different fields enriches your experience. Moreover, you can share ideas and increase work productivity. Also, there is a considerable reduction of loneliness and feelings of isolation.

  • Availability of resources

The coworking spaces come with various resources. For instance, you get access to desks, chairs, Wi-Fi, printers, visual and audio equipment, and more. It means that you do not have to worry about investing in these materials to start your work.

  • Ability to network

Another advantageous aspect of coworking space is the opportunity to build a professional network. You can attend an event and connect with other people. Here, you can gain a mentor, friend, or even a life partner.

  • Reduction in overhead costs

It is without a doubt that coworking spaces lead to a decrease in the total overhead costs. Now, there is no need to invest money in decoration, furniture, and other technological equipment pieces. Instead, you can funnel the money to expand your business.


It is undeniable that there are several challenges one can face from coworking spaces. However, it is also true that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. That is the reason why coworking spaces have gained such mass appeal in the last few years. Be it freelancers, solopreneurs, or big companies – all have reaped tremendous benefits from coworking spaces. For maximum productivity, it is vital to choose the best coworking space. Contact GoodWorks CoWorks for more information.


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